Whats different from other dashboards

Customer-Friendly Forms

With the rise of remote work, many companies are searching for the easiest way to register for payroll tax. However, many are not aware of all the painful processes. Leverage our very low costs and affiliate partnerships and provide state payroll tax registration services to your customers throughout our customer-friendly form.

Embeded API

Integrate our tax service software with your platforms to enable your customers to register for their payroll taxes. A single integration will allow you to offer your customers an end-to-end solution that helps them set up payroll tax accounts and register with the Secretary of State.

Google Sheets or Excel

We are fully open to as flex as possible for your needs. We can easily create an automated Excel or Google Sheets connection between you, us and your customer.

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Starting at $69 For Each State!

Our specialists will manage the payroll tax registration process so that virtually no work is required on your part. We will complete the state registrations that are needed to register your customer payroll so you can get back to running and your customer's other needs.

Crystal Clear Status

We are proud to introduce our Tax Dashboard that provides an overview of all your customer tax registrations in one place. You can track status and show your customer with webhook. The Tax Dashboard provides an overview of all your customer tax registrations in one place.