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We are providing the most secure state payroll tax registration service in the US. With semi-automation registration software, your sensitive data will be secure. Our talented lawyer team will register you without seeing any data.

API and Easy To Use Solutions

StateTax ensures a secure API solution and ready to use widgets for payroll providers, accountants and platforms.

Industry first and leading secure registration.

Our semi-automated internal app allows us to register your customer without seeing sensitive data. We have the best solution for security at market.

100% Lawyer team.

Our registration experts are all talented lawyers who know the all processes in all states in the U.S.

Crystal clear order status.

Build with us, and easily track your customers status where they are on the payroll registration process and what are their tax rates.

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Payroll Registration System

StateTax is an all-in-one State Payroll Tax Registration OS that powers by lawyer teams.